Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Local bicycle commuter Dan Blumenfeld was today dismayed to learn that some drivers suck

I got smacked by a car on my commute this morning.

Well, "smacked" may be too severe a term, but "brushed" sounds too light, as the moron du jour's passenger mirror ended up breaking off on me. Not just the glass, but the whole damn thing, and it was most emphatically NOT a folding mirror.

I'm okay...contusion on my left triceps, and a nice gash running from upper arm to lower across the crease of my elbow, but nothing serious. I suspect that the seat frame of the P-38 soaked up a lot of the impact, as post-action forensic analysis reveals rips and scratches in the seat fabric that I didn't put there.

I don't know if the driver was simply oblivious, or attempting to "scare" me by brushing by, but they didn't even waver before, during, or after the impact, so far as I could tell. Classic hit-and-run.

I called 9-1-1; talked to the dispatcher, assured them that it wasn't a medical emergency, and gave them the basic information re: location. They dispatched a very courteous officer, Sergeant Charles Seibert, who took the details (and the broken mirror assembly). An EMS team showed up a few minutes later, toweled off my wound and threw a bandage on it. From there, I continued on my merry way to work, had a hot shower and spent some quality time with antiseptic ointment and gauze pads from the Zee Medical cabinet.

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Buckyllama said...

Wow, That sucks man. Glad you weren't more hurt. Sounds like you had a favorable experience with the officials as well which is always nice.