Wednesday, October 15, 2008

DD training ride FAIL

[Backdated, 'cause I've been slacking in my postings]

So, due to scheduling pressure and being a frickin' moron, I ended up committing to lead a Dirty Dozen training ride, for the first four hills, the day after riding a 200K populaire. Yeesh. What a maroon.

Long story short, I barely made it up Center, and gratefully handed off ride leader duties to Fred Klehm. The fatigue from the prior day's ride was, surprisingly, not a real factor; the vicious cough and fever, on the other hand, were less than helpful. Regardless of the excuses, the end result was that I wussed out big time.

I feebly wobbled my way up Parker over to Millvale, then hung out at the BP for a while, nursing coffee and waiting for medication to take effect. That was fun. :-(

On a related note, I'm a little disturbed by a recent trend in ride failures; I've bailed on three in the last two weeks, when I normally don't bail under any circumstances short of family emergency. I'm not sure why, but it seems much easier to find reasons not to ride hard right now. Perhaps I'm a little burnt out, after the rando season.


Kinglearpa said...

Dan, lad, Don't despair, you've accomplished much this year.
Take some time off to eat some bad food and spend time with the wife and kid.
Looking forward to catching a ride with you next year

Reddan said...

Denny, believe you me, this ain't despair. :-)

Speaking of next year, the Endless Mountains 1000K out of Eastern Pa has been extended to a full, sanctioned 1200K grand randonee, with an additional segment through State College; that's gonna be a blast to ride. Wanna come? There's still one or two slots open...