Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Goals as of 2009

Preserving for posterity: my yearly cycling goals as of February 2009.

2009: Crush the Commonwealth, my first 1200K
2010: Try a 12/24 hr race (prob. Calvin's Challenge), D2R2 for some dirt road adventuring
2011: Paris-Brest-Paris
2012: RAAM qualify (No, I don't currently want to do RAAM, but I like the idea of being qualified to do so)
2013: Maybe L-E-L?
2014: Furnace Creek 508?
2015: ?
2016: Ride across a continent TBD (40th birthday present to myself)

Heh...looking at this list, I almost think a common theme can be discerned...masochistic b@start, ain't I?

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