Friday, March 5, 2010

2010 Riding Plans

I'm in the process of determining my riding schedule for the year. As is usual, it's heavily loaded into the May-June-July timeframe. This year, however, the majority of the brevets are local, so I'll have less travel than in previous years.

I will most likely miss the Pittsburgh Randonneurs 300K, as I'm planning to do the LOL1000K that weekend...that's the only conflict I'm really unhappy about.

All is subject to change, of course, but here's what I've got planned thus far:


20th: Pre-ride Pittsburgh Randos 200K, “Thrift Drug Classic”


3rd: Pittsburgh Randos 200k, “Thrift Drug Classic”. A more-or-less repeat of last year's route.


1st: Calvin’s Challenge. My first-ever 12 hour race, and will help me determine if I want to get serious about racing.

7th-9th: Crush The Commonwealth. Philly-to-Pittsburgh this year, the harder direction. Got me a title to defend.

22nd: Pre-ride Pittsburgh Randos 200K, “From Chemicals To Connellsville”.


5th-7th: DC Randonneurs 600K. Out of Middleton, VA this year. Riding with the DC crew is always fun.

11th-13th: RBR Rally. I missed this in 2009, and regretted it. Not a hard-core riding weekend, but a chance to socialize with a lot of folks I see only once a year.

19th: Pittsburgh Randos 200K, “From Chemicals To Connellsville”. This will be a hard 200K, mostly because "flat" doesn't happen much. At all.


3rd: Pre-ride Pittsburgh Randos 300K, “Converge On Confluence”. An extension of the "Chemicals to Connellsville" 200, this adds a couple of truly delightful climbs: Kentuck Knob and Sugarloaf(twice!).

8th-10th: LOL 1000K (Lap Around Lake Ontario). How can I possibly get lost? I'm circumnavigating a lake...

24th: Pre-Ride Pittsburgh Randos 400K, “Frostburg Folly”

31st: Pittsburgh Randos 400K, “Frostburg Folly”. Take the first half of "Converge on Confluence", and add Mt Davis (the highest point in PA) to Frostburg, then come back through Meyersdale and Rockwood on thw way to Connellsville.


21st-22nd: Pittsburgh-???-Pittsburgh, back-to-back 200Ks. East towards Altoona, or west into Ohio, has yet to be determined.


11th: Pre-ride Pittsburgh Randos Fall Rally 200K

12th: Pittsburgh Randos Fall Rally 200K

Nice busy riding season, especially since this doesn't include training rides, WPW events other than the Fall Rally, the Dirty Dozen, etc.

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