Friday, April 22, 2011

Band of Bents 2011 Fleche - Preliminaries and Premonitions

I'm siting in the Baymont Inn & Suites in Westerville, Ohio. Just finished re-lubing the bike, after a delightful 3-hour drive in drenching rain washed away every bit of previous lubricant.

Tomorrow, I meet Larry, Rick, and Mike in the parking lot of the nearby Bob Evans, so that we may set off on our Band of Bents fleche. This is my first fl├Ęche, so I'm rather looking forward to a new style of endurance riding. Shouldn't be too ghastly; we've got a solid 24 hours to cover 360 km, so I'm not terribly concerned with pacing or my ability to keep up. I am, however, a bit concerned over the weather; it's been a darn wet and violently stormy spring, and the forecast for tomorrow isn't exactly a stellar departure from the norm. Ah, well...what can possibly go wrong? (And yes, I just heard a peal of thunder...excellent timing, Whoever Is In Charge Of Weather. Thanks!)

Also, I'm experimenting with some form of real-time ride blogging; mostly just planning on occasional snapshots and position updates, but I want to see if I can better preserve the flavor of the ride this way. So, take a look at; with any luck, I may remember to actually post a few times as the ride progresses.

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