Monday, May 19, 2008

400K: To-dos

The 400K is upon me, I've got most of the tinkering complete (including a remount of the fugly light switch from the handlebars to the seat), so just need to pack and be on my way.

I'm taking Friday off work, and will detour through York County on my way eastwards; that way, I'll get to stop in and have lunch with the 'rents, as well as hopefully catch up with an old high school buddy. Leave York by 3 or thereabouts, and check in to the Quality Inn in Easton at a reasonable hour. Consume vast quantities of dinner with an eye towards pasta and other carb-like substances, then sack out early before my 3:30 AM (!) wakeup call. Tom's house, breakfast, check-in, and bike inspection at 4, then ride start at 5 AM.

Looks like a fun route, albeit with a lot of out-and-back sections. Tom was kind enough to yank the Fox Gap and Millbrook climbs; that will help, although I'm stil dreading a repeat of the climb up Old Mine Rd just off NPS 615 in the Water Gap on the return from Hainesville. Ah, well...I did 2 MPH before, and I can do it again...

Here's the Bikely routes (usual caveats: not official, subject to change, not approved by RBA, etc.)
Controle 1 (Easton, Pa) to Controle 2(Cherryville, PA). 31 miles

Controle 2(Cherryville, PA) to Controle 3 (Water Gap, Pa). 33 miles
Controle 3(Water Gap, PA) to Controle 4 (Hainesville, NJ). 30 miles
Controle 4(Hainesville, NJ) to COntrole 5 (Water Gap, PA). 30 miles
Controle 5(Water Gap, Pa) to Controle 6(Martins Creek, PA). 26 miles
Controle 6(Martins Creek, PA) to Controle 7(Bloomsbury, NJ). 25 miles
Controle 7(Bloomsbury, NJ) to Controle 8(New Hope, Pa). 36 miles
Controle 8(New Hope, Pa) to Controle 9(Easton, Pa). 40 miles (looks mostly flat...thanks, Tom!)

It'll be fun. I'm hoping for roughly 20 hours, so I'll get in by 1 AM or so. Shower, eat, nap in Tom's guest room for a few hours, then set off back to the 'Burgh on Sunday.

I am a little concerned about/curious to see how I'll handle the 4-5 hours of riding in darkness while fatigued. That could well slow me down more than a little bit; but, safety trumps speed, so I will quite happily seek out a park bench or a comfy conveneience store aisle if necessary to catch a nap. We'll see...the wild-eyed optimist in me says I'll be fine. :-)

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