Friday, May 16, 2008

Sputter/Gasp/Splash to Work Day

Unless I utterly misremember, this is the second year in a row where my Bike To Work Day commute has involved precipitation ranging from "stinging" to "torrential" to "biblical".

I need a shell that is actually water resistant; the old cheap one from Nashbar looked and felt more like a wet tee-shirt by the time I arrived at the office. The sleeves did a good job of supporting sloshing puddles around my elbows (Yay, recumbent riding position!); allowing arms to hang straight down and loosening elastic at wrists produced copious quantities of water pouring over my hands.

Wool socks and SPD sandals were a good choice, though. I'm using that combination for most of my cycling at this point, as it seems to Just Work for most applications.


Alan said...

Hey Dan! Yeah, I'm ashamed to say I drove on Ride to Work Day. You are correct that this year was the second year in a row of stupidly crappy weather to commemorate the event. In Pittsburgh, anyway. Seems like lots of other places had nice weather. Not Pittsburgh. We can't have that. :)

Reddan said...

Hey Alan! Driving to work? I'm shocked and appalled!