Thursday, June 5, 2008

Upcoming PA 600K: Turkey Hill Edition

Perhaps "oncoming" would be a better description.

Details here, map and elevation profile here; in short, 373 miles and almost 28,000' of climbing. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

The legs (usual caveats: not official, use at own risk, subject to change, do not remove under penalty of law, do not operate heavy machinery after following, etc.):
Weisel Hostel(Quakertown, PA) to Turkey Hill (Cherryville, PA)
Turkey Hill (Cherryville, PA) to Village Bakery (Water Gap, PA)
Village Bakery (Water Gap, PA) to Flats Deli (Hainesville, NJ)
Flats Deli (Hainesville, NJ) to River Market (Barryville, NY)
River Market (Barryville, NJ) to Lake Wallenpaupack Cafe (Hawley, PA)
Lake Wallenpaupack Cafe (Hawley, PA) to Water Gap Diner (Water Gap, PA)
Water Gap Diner (Water Gap, PA) to Citgo (Bloomsbury, NJ)
Citgo (Bloomsbury, NJ) to Weisel Hostel (Quakertown, PA) (Sleep control)
Weisel Hostel (Quakertown, PA) to Turkey Hill (Gilbertsville, PA)
Turkey Hill (Gilbertsville, PA) to Turkey Hill (Morgantown, PA)
Turkey Hill (Morgantown, PA) to Post Office (Blue Ball, PA)
Post Office (Blue Ball, PA) to Turkey Hill (Morgantown, PA)
Turkey Hill (Morgantown, PA) to Turkey Hill (Gilbertsville, PA)
Turkey Hill (Gilbertsville, PA) to Weisel Hostel (Quakertown, Pa)

In keeping with my newly institutionalized traditions, I of course made further modifications to the P-38; can't actually be consistent between brevets, now can I? This time, however, it's a low-key mod; I added a Blackburn rear rack, as the repurposed diaper bag I was using for a seat-back bag was just not cutting it. The rack mounting was a bit of a jury-rig, as I didn't take the time to fabricate a proper attachment mechanism for the upper rack supports to the P-38's seat support, but instead just bent and brutalized the existing rack mounting straps. I'll make it good later, I swear. :-)

Weather forecast is concerning me a bit; highs in the mid-90s, and humid, which is weather I've never ridden in for more than 100 miles or so. I'm gonna melt, especially given that the year up to this point has been cooler than usual and I'm utterly un-acclimatized to the heat. Oh, well...just gonna do my best. Come to think of it, the heat will be strong motivation to keep riding through the entire night, so as to avoid the worst of Sunday's heat.

Ah, well. Need to pop out during lunch and grab some Gu packs; aside from that, I'm pretty much packed and ready as far as I can tell. I'd like to get in one last ride before packing up the car tomorrow, but I don't know when/if I'll have the chance.

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