Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Long Distance Bents

[For Vik's Long Distance Recumbents collection]

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Rando Experience:
1 200K brevet. (Gotta start somewhere!)
Metrics or centuries at least every other weekend, mostly year-round.
I'm planning on tackling the rest of the Eastern PA series this year, then see what happens betwixt now and L-E-L in 2009.

Bent Make/Model: Lightning P-38, Large frame made up with XL-tubing for added durability, stock 105 component level

Why did you start riding bents? Never really did much on uprights; I found ‘bents more interesting, initially from a pure “unusual and novel device” perspective.

Why did you pick this model? Reputation for climbing ability (I live in southwest Pennsylvania, after all!)

Modifications from stock: SON wheel from Peter White, lights, folding Marathon Racers (406x40 front, 700cx30 rear)

Lighting: Lumotec/E6 combo for the front, dual Cateye tail-lights for the rear, Petzl head torch for backup/supplemental lighting

Fenders: SKS

Luggage: Fastback M70 + pump pouch and tool pouch add-ons on left behind seat for extra clothes, tools, and spare parts; Fastback Flash frame bag for camera and miscellania, and a random old handlebar bag jury-rigged to the other side of the seat for food, medical supplies, and maps. Two bottle cages under seat, one bottle cage on stem, Terracycle Accessory Mount for headlamps. Tum bag for cash, emergency rations, wallet.

Navigation: maps, cue sheets, following people who look confident. I usually try to get the cue sheet in advance and map it in Bikely, so as to do a “virtual ride” ahead of time.

Riding with other bents & DF bikes: No problems thus far. I’m fit enough at this point to keep up with most of my local club riders in all but the steepest terrain (e.g., greater than 15%, I still tend to lag behind), and I seem to fit in with the pacelines acceptably well.

Eating on a bent: I try to alternate gels and solid food, as well as alternating slightly dilutes sports drink (Gatorade, Accelerade) with electrolyte replenishment drinks from Clif. Also, I tend to hit the salt tablets every few hours, as they seem to ward off cramping pretty well.

If you were to start again what bent/setup would you get? Well, I only just started…but I’d love to get either a high racer (Corsa SS, Volae Team) or something fun like a Baron or a Virginia for my fast day rides with the club, and keep the P-38 for brevets.

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