Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New bike go fast. Heh.

I took the P-38 out with the Unfriendly Bastards Wheelmen ride out of North Park last night, something I'd previously avoided on the Rocket.

I'm happy to report that, even with tools, fenders, lights, genny hub, and all the other assorted crap I tend to drape on my bikes, I was not slowing them down in the slightest. :-) Of course, the combination of vicious headwinds and my aerodynamic advantage may have had something to do with that, but still...

Basic route: North Park to Mingo to State Gamelands to Conway Wallrose to Knob to Red Belt, back to North Park. 30 miles, 17.2 rolling average...the only time I've done better was 17.4 over 65 miles on day 2 of the MS 150 last year, and that was significantly more flat than this was.

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