Monday, March 31, 2008

Lighting system plotting

I'm not one to leave well enough alone. I've had the SON hub, Lumotec LED, and E6 halogen lights running for a whole week, so of course it's time to screw about with a perfectly good working system. It's just so terribly inconvenient to have to stop the bike to turn lights on and off.

Being the lazy sort that I am, and in the interests of experimenting with just how much difference in pedaling effort I can perceive with the lights on and off, I've decided to build a remote switching system for the lights. I figure a nice three-position OFF, PRIMARY ON, and PRIMARY+SECONDARY ON switch mounted on the handlebars would be cool.

Now, the problem. I'm barely competent to plug in a soldering iron, much less do even the simplest of circuit designs. Of course, ignorance has never stopped me before, but I figured consulting someone who has a vague idea of what they're doing would be wise, when it comes to potentially screwing up a $mumblemuttermumble lighting system. Enter the patriarch, the wise engineer, my dear old Dad, who was courteous enough to suppress laughter at my feeble excuse for a schematic, and kind enough to transcribe into legible format:

So, the next step will be to swing by Radio Shack and source a nice switch, plus some simple weather-resistant disconnects, extra wire, silicone sealant, heat-shrink tubing, and all that good stuff. I figure I'll bodge something together, get it working, then plan to do a nicer setup later, based on the mistakes I make on this version. (I'm envisioning marine-grade illuminated LED rocker switches and all sorts of similar craziness...probably will never do it, if the first version works, but what the heck.)


Buckyllama said...


Not sure if this would work for your switch or not, but it's been sitting in my bookmarks page forever so...

Reddan said...

Dunno if it fits my needs exactly, but it's cool regardless. Thanks!