Sunday, March 16, 2008

03/16/2008: Sunday Morning Ride, 50-ish miles, variable terrain

The route.

I repeated the McAleer/State Gamelands/989 route from a couple weeks ago, in order to compare relative performance of the old Rocket and the new P-38. Heh. Even though I suspect a 5% error in wheel size calibration on the P-38, the difference is quite surprising.

(As an aside, that basic route is rapidly becoming my favorite for a good Sunday morning training-oriented ride; some long climbs, some rollers, and some great scenery, plus wrapping it up with a fast flat stretch.)

I cobbled together a cue sheet holder from a couple of Twofish bike blocks and some plastic tubing, based on an idea from Barron over on 'BentriderOnline. Seems to work well, although the only tube I had (fluorescent light fixture protective cover) is 1.75" diameter, and I suspect something in the 2.5" diameter will be optimal.

Other mechanical issues: the mounts for the taillights (Yes, I have redundant taillights...whaddaya expect from a randonneur wannabee?) have a tendency to swivel downwards, so I'll need to add a bit of material to better fix them in place; ditto for the cyclocomputer. The underseat bottle cages are still a little tricky to use; I'm sure familiarity will help there.

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