Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ongoing P-38 build

Progressing nicely. Heheheheh.

A package from Peter White showed up yesterday, containing SON hub, DLumotec and E6 lights, Terracycle accessory mount, and miscellaneous other bits. Unfortunately, I forgot to order any mounting hardware for the lights themselves, and, unbeknownst to me, Peter sells the Terracycle mounts without any mounting hardware, so that the buyer can specify what tube dimensions they'll need to clamp. Oh, well...that explains why it's $6 cheaper than on the Terracycle site.

Anyway, Linda will send me a couple of mounting brackets and Cronometro Nobs for the lights (I'm going for fork-mount on the generator-powered lights, I think); I'll order the correct Cateye mounts for the Terracycle accessory mount from Terracycle directly, once I measure the derailler tube on the P-38.

Completed: front fender trimming, plus fender stay amputation; rear light mounting; Road Morph pump mounting; tire lever, patch kit, and multi-tool acquisition.

Still expecting: package from the Hostel Shoppe with hydration stuff, long wire kit for cyclocomputer, and cargo bag stuff, plus a couple of water bottle cages from Scholl's Bicycle Center in Warrendale. As far as I can tell, that should be about it for the inital build, at least until I start riding it and break something/realize something's utterly unsuitable.

Oh, yeah, I still need to figure out some form of cue sheet holder, but I'll wait until everything else is set up before I worry about that.

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