Friday, March 21, 2008

Inaugural Thursday Ride for the Cranberry-area ride group

A little cold, a lot windy, but a nice start to the regularly scheduled Thursday evening rides out of Haine School.

Lance led, and myself, Bill, and Mark showed up. A quick 15 miles, with roughly 1700' of climbing, so it got the heart rate up nicely.

I was really gratified; knowing that these guys are solid B+ riders, I was concerned about holding things up, but I was (barely!) able to hold my own. And, for a bit of recumbentista gloating, I wasn't the last one up every hill; I actually led on a couple of long ones, and stuck on Mark's wheel for most of the rest. With a couple rough ones in the 17% range, that made me feel real good about my fitness this early in the year, as well as the new bike.

Good fun, and I'm looking forward to making this part of my weekly routine. Riding with these guys will make me a better cyclist.

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