Thursday, March 27, 2008

Night ride, pavement, gravel, and dirt

Went for a spin last night with Brian to test out the new lights; looks solid to me for the most part. Rough roads definitely induce a bit of a strobing effect with the LED, probably because it's mounted on a Terracycle accessory mount well off the front of the boom.

I may need to think about moving the primary LED down to the fork, and leave the E6 halogen mounted on the boom; that would give me a bit more light on the tighter turns.

Lost one of the bolts on the left water bottle cage; luckily, the other one held, so I transferred bottle to right cage and tightened the heck out of the single remaining left bolt. Memo to self: Loctite the crap out of everything.

I still need to get the tail lights and the cycle computer tightened down as well, as they still tend to rotate fairly freely with enough vibration.

On the bright side, I threw some Koolstop Salmon pads on the front brakes; that, plus some heavy toe-in, and the worst of the squealing has stopped.

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