Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday evening Cranberry group ride

Route(at least that was the plan; we ended up shortcutting slightly by doing Brush Creek directly to Powell, but the general idea still applies)

Mark J. led; myself, Lance, and a gentleman named Peter rode. Good ride, even though I had a brief argument with the shock cord supporting my seat mesh.

I threw the 700x30 Marathon Racer on the rear; so nice to use folding tires that don't require tools to mount on the rim. Didn't notice any real difference in overall speed, but the lower-pressure Marathon seemed to soak up the bumps a lot better than the Pasela Club previously mounted.

I'm starting to dig on this whole "fitness-oriented group ride" thing; it's nice to be challenged by riders stronger than I am. (Not to say this is an exclusive club; LOTS of riders are stronger than I!) Even though I fully expect to have my head handed to me, I think I'll try riding the Tuesday "Unfriendly Bastards" ride out of North Park sometime soon. That should be comical, but at least I know the basic layout of the area for when I get dropped hard. :-)

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