Tuesday, March 4, 2008

PA 200K route

So, I decided to do a "virtual ride" by mapping out the course in Bikely. Being as it's a honkin' lot of points to map, I split it into 6 segments between the 7 controles.
  1. Controle 1 (Weisel Hostel) to Controle 2 (Wind Gap Petro Mart). 39.5 miles
  2. Controle 2 (Wind Gap Petro Mart) to Controle 3 (Top of Fox Gap). 15.3 miles. Note: includes 2.3-mile segment with 1000, count 'em, 1000 feet of elevation gain. Heh.
  3. Controle 3 (Fox Gap) to Controle 4 (Portland Family Restaurant). 8.7 miles
  4. Controle 4 (Portland Family Restaurant) to Controle 5 (Homestead General Store). 34.2 miles
  5. Controle 5 (Homestead General Store) to Controle 6 (Point Pleasant Post Office). 12.4 miles
  6. Controle 6 (Point Pleasant Post Office) to Controle 7 (Weisel Hostel). 16.9 miles

Caveat/Warning/Caution/Disclaimer: These are not official brevet materials, and there is no guarantee that the actual route will match these. In fact, one note on the ride page indicates that, depending on the surface of the gravel path by the Homestead General Store, the route may be alttered to include an extra-special bonus climb instead.

Looks like a great course...it'll be fun.

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